Photo spot: Panama Viejo

Photo spot: Panama Viejo in Panama City

Often overlooked by travelers is Panama Viejo, located in the northern outskirts of Panama City. Panama Viejo is a Spanish settlement dating back from the year of 1519. While not as spectacular as other ruins in Latin America, Panama Viejo is still a good place to take nice photos

Iconic old Church
Visiting in the late afternoon gives some nice shades
Panama Viejo’s major settlement
View over the city and rainforest from the top of the main tower

How to get to Panama Viejo?

Take any Metrobus that says Panama Viejo on the front display, this line departs from Albrook and stops at the coastal road (Cinta Costera) and Multicentro Mall. Get off at Centro de Visitantes.

Visited: December 2016

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