WoolooMooloo Bar view daytime
Daytime view from WoolooMooloo Bar

WoolooMooloo: Favorite Rooftop Bar in Hong Kong

WoolooMooloo: Favorite Rooftop Bar in Hong Kong

But what about that famous OZONE?

Most people have heard of OZONE, located top of The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. OZONE is famous as word’s highest bar, and therefore attracts lots of tourists. The time I went there service was slow, and literally everyone (including myself) was trying to take a photo of the view. The photo was quite a fail though, as the only way to take it is trough the window. Especially at night there are lots of reflections. While OZONE might be a must visit as highest bar in the world, I personally prefer a more quiet place in Wan Chai.

Gem located on top of The Hennesy, Wan Chai

WoolooMooloo Rooftop Bar Hong Kong
View over Causeway Bay from WoolooMooloo Rooftop Bar at night

WoolooMooloo Bar (above WoolooMooloo Steakhouse) is located on the rooftop of The Hennesy skyscraper in Wan Chai. When entering the building, simply walk up to the elevator and press “R” for rooftop. No matter daytime or nighttime, the view from this outdoor bar is great. WoolooMooloo Bar provides a different perspective than OZONE, the view is not just of the skyline, but located within the skyline of Hong Kong. The bar is surrounded by skyscrapers. On one side you will see the banking districts of Central and Admiralty. On the other side you can enjoy the view over shopping district Causeway Bay and the Happy Valley horse racing venue. Drink prices are not as high as OZONE (the bar isn’t as high as OZONE either) and more comparable to bars in LKF. Moreover, since the bar is located outdoor this place is also a much better place to take rooftop snaps than OZONE.

WoolooMooloo Bar view daytime
Daytime view from WoolooMooloo Bar

Address: 31/F & Rooftop The Hennessy, 256 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hongkong
Note: building entrance by escalator on Johnston Road, next to 759 store.
Tram stop: Burrows Street (eastbound) or Tonnochy Road (westbound)
Closest MRT station: Wan Chai exit A3 

Last visited: January 2015

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