Schermer Mills: Dutch windmills off the beaten path

Have you ever heard of Schermerhorn? Up until two weeks ago I hadn’t. When visiting The Netherlands, most people visit either the famous mills at Zaanse Schans (close to Amsterdam) or Kinderdijk (close to Rotterdam). This is where all tourist buses and tours go to. The tiny Dutch village Schermerhorn, where the Schermer Mills are located, is located in the province of North Holland. It’s not that far from Amsterdam either, less than 40 minutes driving. But if you don’t have a car it takes about double that time.

Schermerhorn dutch windmill

How to get to Schermerhorn (Schermermills) from Amsterdam?

From Amsterdam, take any train to Alkmaar station. It should take less than an hour. From Alkmaar, take bus 129 towards Purmerend, and get off in Schermerhorn. The closest stop to one of the mills would be Schermerhorn, Schermerdijk. 

What to see in Schermerhorn?

Mills, mills, mills. The village itself is very small. However, it’s surrounded by traditional Dutch windmills without tourist masses! There’s also one windmill that has a museum, called De Museummolen. I suggest to just walk around and enjoy the views of windmills and cows. Note that the area is way more spread out than Zaanse Schans and is therefore perhaps a bit less tourist friendly. However, if you’d like to avoid the crows, this is the place to go.

Schermerhorn dutch windmill

Visited September 2018.

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